Coaching & Training

Content marketing is a long-time commitment.

For it to be effective, you need to keep up with your storytelling across a range of different online and print outlets over the lifetime of your business.

A blog that isn’t regularly updated isn’t much use.

A dormant Twitter feed sends out a bad message.

A website that’s never updated suggests a company that’s going nowhere.

So these things require constant feeding & maintenance.

Which basically comes down to a lot of writing.

And we understand for a lot of solo-entrepreneurs and small-business owners it can get prohibitively expensive to outsource this over and again.

Which is why it serves you in the long run to become a confident enough writer to do it yourself.

We offer bespoke coaching and training to help you develop your own writing skills so you can do your own marketing writing and feel confident about conveying your brand story.

Whether your objective is to blog more effectively, use social media to increase traffic to your website, or to write a strong ebook or white paper in order to build your mailing list, we can coach and guide you through the planning, writing and editing process.


Rates for coaching & training are as follows:

1 hour via Skype – £100

1 hour in person (available in Greater London) – £150

If you are interested in booking a coaching or training session to become a better content marketer, email us at