It comes down to the actors’ cliche “Who am I?” and “What do I want?”

Until you answer those questions, there is absolutely no point in generating words. You’ll be wasting time and resources crafting copy that won’t have any purpose at all other than to fill space.

So we start with the strategy. We start by finding your story.

We are hard-wired back to our caveman relatives to respond to stories. It’s how we learn, it’s how we form associations, it’s how we develop our frame of reference and it’s how we remember things.

Tell a customer about your business and they will promptly forget most of it.

Tell them a story (a well-crafted, compelling one) and they’ll remember it for along time.

That’s the power of story.

So whether you are an individual or a company, I’ll probably start by helping you clarify your brand story. Who are you? What do you want? Who is your target audience? What action do you want them to take?

These are important questions to clarify before you undertake any writing.

However, once they are in place – look out because they will take your communications to a whole new level.

Once you figure out your brand story, then you work out how to tell it over and over again, in many different forms, in many different places (what is called trans-media storytelling).

We can help you come up with a strategy to do this.

This will link your website and blog with your various social media and hard copy marketing materials so that you are telling a consistent story across all these various mediums.

Once this strategy is in place, you have a choice:

1. We can take over the copywriting and delivery of this strategy.

2. Or you can take the strategy and road map for your communications and write them yourself. (Should you want some copywriting coaching/training or editing services to tighten up your writing we’d be happy to help).